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Evelyn Groenink

Veteran Investigative Journalist

Protagonist: Murder in Paris

Evelyn Groenink is a veteran investigative journalist resident in South Africa. She is currently the investigations editor for the ZAM platform. Having co-founded the Forum for African Investigative Reporters in 2003 and the African Investigative Publishing Collective in 2015, she has led and edited over a dozen transnational investigations on the African continent. She has published seven books, of which five were published in the Netherlands and two, ‘Incorruptible: the stories of the murders of Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski, and Chris Hani’ and ‘The Unlikely Mr Rogue’ (Jacana, 2018 and 2020) were published in South Africa. She has also written and published a detailed five-part series for ZAM, called ‘Between Bitter Almonds and Good Hope’, on South Africa’s slide into corruption under the government of Jacob Zuma. Her latest project is an ‘Anatomy of African Kleptocracies’ series of investigations, for which she works together with the FAIR, AIPC and ZAM networks of African investigative journalists.