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Bridget Pickering


Bridget Pickering has produced some of the highest rated television shows on South African television. In 2004 she was the South African co-producer on the Oscar nominated Hotel Rwanda. A graduate of Syracuse University, her professional experience started as a Casting Assistant for Bonnie Timmerman at Universal Pictures where she worked on films such as Glengarry Glen Ross and Last of the Mohicans.

Bridget started On Land Productions in Namibia, producing and directing films about the changing social, political landscape in Southern Africa. They include; the award winning FLAME screened at Cannes in 1996, Sophia’s Homecoming (part of the Africa Dreaming series). In 2003 she started Luna Films renamed as Fireworxmedia, a production company which produced feature documentaries and television drama. Fireworxmedia was one of most awarded production companies during its existence winning all major South African documentary awards for films such as Seapoint Days and My Mother’s House. She is co-producer of the feature film TASTE OF RAIN which was screened at the Durban International Festival (DIFF) and on Mnet. Bridget was a co producer on the groundbreaking feature documentary LIYANA which won the Jury prize for the Best Documentary at the LA Film Festival in June 2017 and at DIFF in 2017. She was the Impact Producer in South Africa for Jennifer Fox’s, The Tale which won two awards at the Durban Film Festival in July 2018.

In 2020, she produced two documentaries; one an internal documentary for Netflix, SA Spotlight and Born Survivor for CGTN (China TV) which was screened in August 2020.

She is preparing to produce her feature film The Night Outside in June 2021.