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Phumi Mtetwa

UWC/HBF Panelist: I, Mary

UWC/HBF Panelist: I am Samuel

Phumi Mtetwa is an activist working on issues of economic, gender and LGBTI equality and justice. She has a wealth of experience having worked in international and regional contexts particularly, Southern Africa and Latin America. Phumi began her political life in 1985, her work included organising against Apartheid and mobilising against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas in the early 2000s. She was part of a group of activists that worked to enshrine the rights to equality, dignity and freedom for all in the South African Constitution. As a former Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association she contributed in bringing issues of concern in the global South to the organisation, including creating the LGBT South-South Dialogue, that strongly contributed LGBTI perspectives in the processes of the World Social Forum. She has been part of the leadership of many organisations, including the AIDS Law Project, FEDAEPS, the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project; is co-founding member of the Masithandane End-Hate, Shayisfuba, Sizimbokodo Collectives, among others – all initiatives geared towards ending multiple forms of violence. She is a Social Change Initiative Fellow (reflecting on her campaigning and political activism), has been recognised internationally for her activism. Building on her years of political popular education, she continues to centre Feminist Popular Education in her role as Regional Director for JASS Southern Africa, rooting solutions within feminist movement building activities.