She had a Dream

SA Premiere



Raja Amari


France | Tunisia



Running Time:

84 min


Arabic, English, French

Charismatic 25-year-old Ghofrane Binous dreams of becoming a politician and being able to have an influence on the future of Tunisia. As a young working-class black woman, it is a dream that requires stamina – and Binous has plenty of it. She had a Dream follows her up to the 2019 election as she canvasses for votes on the street and give young people, in particular, a renewed faith in democracy in a polarised society that is plagued by racism and inequality. Both Binous and director Raja Amari are aware of the exhausting struggles that have to be overcome before real change can take place and this engaging film refuses to provide any sense of an easy solution. Instead, it offers the inspiring story of a true idealist set against a complex society full of contrasts that is struggling to forge a new identity.