SA Premiere



Agnes Lisa Wegner


Germany| Ghana | Togo



Running Time:

86 min



Céphas Bansah is from Ghana and is king of the Ewe people, who number about 200,000, although he lives in the German city of Ludwigshafen where he runs an auto repair shop. His daughter Katharina, whose mother is German, is an artist, feminist, and free spirit – and the ostensible heir to the Ewe throne. As the social climate in Germany changes, they both experience racism and hostility. To renew her spirit, Katharina accompanies her father to Ghana for the first time in many years, as he checks up on his aid projects and makes himself available to people on site, rather than via a phone call. Katharina needs to work out what role her Ghanaian heritage is going to play in her life – and whether or not she really wants to succeed to the throne someday. King Bansah and His Daughter explores and challenges roles, expectations, and boundaries, while acknowledging the universal desire for belonging and a sense of home.