SA Premiere



Jonas Poher Rasmussen


United States | United Kingdom | France | Sweden | Norway | Denmark



Running Time:

90 min


Danish, English, Dari, Russian

Flee tells the true story of Amin, who was forced to leave Afghanistan as a child – but without his father – and who eventually ended up in Copenhagen, where he lives with the man he plans to marry. The film documents Amin’s long journey in heartbreaking detail, as he and his family move illegally between oppressive regimes, always living life in the shadows and margins. Rendered almost entirely in empathetically drawn animation, Flee is also a deeply touching coming-out story – although it is not just his sexuality that Amin was forced to hide, but also his history and relationship with his family, due to the lies that he had to tell in order to be allowed to stay in Europe. Finally, after 20 years of hiding much of himself, Amin is able to tell the truth about the terrible events that he and his family had to go through, and in doing so, finds his true self.